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Cavite City : Cumida Ternos

In Cavite City, there is such thing as “cumida ternos” or viand food pairings. Caviteños makes it a point of serving native dishes in proper combination. A salty dish is paired with a sweet one, a spicy with a bland, and the most common a wet with dry one. One of the most popular or so called trifecta of food pairing is Kare-Kare-Adobo-Kilawin traditionally served on Sundays. It is still being cooked and can be bought in nearby carinderias around the city. Two of the most popular lutong bahay food shops selling this Caviteñean trifecta are Violy’s and Casa Vieja. 

This cumida ternos section what makes this blog DISTINCT from all the other Philippine recipe blogs. 

  Cavite City Food Ternos

Adobo - Kilawin - Kare-Kare
(traditionally served on Sundays)

Ginisang Monggo - Escabecheng Isda
(traditionally served on Fridays)

Lagang Baka con Sarsa - Tortang Giniling
[Suggestion of: Pia Marie Oronce]


Picadillong Upo - Inihaw na Baboy
[Suggestion of: Norma Tan]

Sinigang na Hipon or Sinigang na Isda - Rellenong Talong
[Suggestion of: Norma Tan]


Sinigang na IsdaTortang Giniling  [Suggestion of: Helen Grace Andrada]
Paksiw sa Dilaw na DilisChicharon - kamatis,sibuyas,unsoy sawsawan
Talaba - Inihaw na Baboy [Suggestion of: Rodolfo Pacion]
Paksiw na Isda – Pritong Porkchop
Bacalao - Burong Labanos
Tinolang Tahong or Tinolang Halaan - Tortang Talong
Paksiw na Lechon - Tuyo - Burong Labanos
Sinampalukang Manok - Lumpia Fresca
Estofado - Daing
Lechon Kawali - Pocherong Manok
Sinigang na Bangus Sa Bayabas - Binagoongang Baboy
Embutido - Atsara or Burong Kamias
Paksiw Na Isda - Kamatis, Chicharon at Wansoy with patis
Sinigang na Bangus - Okoy
Ginisang Monggo - Tinapa
Pinangat na Albacora - Bistik
Adobong Pula - Ginadgad na Mangga

This is a "working list" so if you are a NATIVE Caviteño or Caviteña and you know of additional Food Ternos of yester years feel free post so I can update. Asi niso largu esti listahan siguraw yo muchu pa terno di pudi icha aqui. Gracias !!!


  1. tinolang tahong at tortang talong

  2. puchero at tortang giniling..:)

  3. Updated! Hoping for more food ternos ^_^


  5. Updated! Sana kida mas largu pa el listahan

  6. adobong manok, nilagang talong at bagoong;
    tahong umpoko caldo at adobo

  7. Sinigang na Isda and Tortang Giniling :)

  8. tamales at bonete,lumpiang fresca,lechetin,

  9. paksiw na lechon - tuyo - burong labanos

    paksiw sa dilaw na dils - chicharon - kamatis,sibuyas,unsoy sawsawan

  10. ano po ang katerno ng adobong pusit?

  11. Pesang isda at ginisang miso, que sabroso.

  12. nilagang karne, y salsa y tortang giniling. Ay que disgrasyaw! que sabroso! Pwede ya muri--- D' Alcantara

  13. paksiw na bisugo at adobong mani, nakikita ko sa grandmother ko na purong Cavitena at laking Ciudad de Cavite,

  14. sinigang na bangus sa bayabas at ginisang bagoong alamang
    paksiw na bisugo, chicharon at kamatis/sibuyas/patis
    pritong kabayas at burong labanos o burong mangga
    sinigang sa miso na albacora at pritong lumpiang gulay
    pritong isda o baboy at ensalada (letsugas tagalog, kamatis, sibuyas, nilagang itlog + suka/asukal/tubig/asin/paminta (vinaigrette dressing))


  15. adobong halo manok baboy sa atsuete with kinudkod na manggang hilaw


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