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Monday, October 16, 2017

EJM Food House

Resto Name: EJM FoodHouse "Every Juan's Delight"
Location: 385 P. Burgos Ave., Caridad, Cavite City 4100
Type:  Filipino, Japanese, American
Average Price Per Dish: P100-P200

The newest restaurant in the city located where the former Padi's Point then Baloy's Party venue was once at. The owners are the same of Mi Yu Restaurant beside ChowKing before thus no wonder some of the loved Japanese menu there was also in the menu here.

They have more variety of dishes to choose from now  :)

 Karaage - P150
First to be served. Tender and juicy breaded chicken breast pieces with a hind of Japanese taste. 

Tofu with Veggies - P120
A simple yet very yummy and healthy vegetable dish.

Kani Salad - P130
Looks pale and bland but this salad is so yummy. The kani used even just a few is so tasty.

Sinigang Na Salmon - P220
Taste is okay but the volume of salmon is bit few. Wish there was more greens and veggies like kangkong and sitaw.

Bangus Sisig - P170
Served without any egg or mayo at all. Taste was okay but decided to ask and add mayonnaise. When mixed ang sarap na except its too spicy. Should have requested to lessen the spiciness but nevertheless - YUMMY!

Calamares - P180
This was last to be served and should have been an appetizer. They forgot to give sawsawan after which suka and a saucer was given when we asked. The vinegar is not complimenting in taste so requested for mayonnaise and ketchup. Mixed it for thousand island and masarap na siya. The squid is a little rubbery but the taste is okay.

Iced Tea (pitcher) - P75
A full pitcher of iced tea sulit for the price.

The waiter said this was free but it was listed in our bill but didn't complain.
Ang sarap naman ng foods at sulit.

Churro Ice Cream - P85
A dessert jewel for its taste and price.
The yummiest dessert in Cavite City. Churro topped with their very own homemade vanilla ice cream ten drizzled with chocolate syrup and shavings. Super Sarap! A MUST TRY !!!

We ordered another and sadly the last one we had is the last serving. Mukhang nagpapabalik pa haha

Cheesecake - P50
Since it says in the menu its a cheesecake expecting a sliced cheesecake and wondering the serving since its only P50. And ito pala iyon. Crushed graham bottom topped with super yummy cream cheese and a tablespoon of blueberry. Super sarap at sulit. A Must Try ! 

We got free mushroom soup since we ordered sinigang and would not let it go so we just had the soup freebie for takeout.
But wait its was plastic when handed waaaaah Wish they have decent plastic disposable containers even at extra cost for takeout.

Yes its Christmas already in this resto :)

 There is a second floor area.

Overall this new resto is one of the best in terms of flavor and taste in the city as of now. The dessert is a megakill. Do not forget to try it. Wish the menu will just stay this yummy for a long time. 


Food – 4.5 stars
Service – 4.5 stars
Ambiance – 4 stars
Value – 4.50 stars

OVERALL RATING – 4.375 stars


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Adios Cavite City Library Museum

First it as Cavite City Botanical and Zoological Park or more popularly known as Cavite City Mini Zoo now Cavite City Library Museum. 

Image c/o : bluedreamer27

Accidentally met my former elementary teacher in Bernie's Kitchenette the other day. And was sad to hear the bad news that even the city library is now closed. Was supposed to go back and do some history research for added information on this blog but now no more.

Cavite City Library Museum serves as a repository of historical and cultural information and artifacts in the form of books, photographs, memorabilia and relics that chronicle the city's history and growth. It has special Caviteniana Collection, published or unpublished materials about Cavite City, its history, culture, traditions, heroes, prominent citizens. The library museum serves as a learning and information center for residents of Cavite City and its neighboring towns. People come to the library to read and/or see the exhibits in the museum.

I do not know what our city government officials are thinking that zoo and library which are two of the foremost services for the Caviteño youth was removed. How come nobody among the historians, academe and residents fought for its closure? Its the city's history and culture repository that was thrown.

Despacito Cover - Philippines Chavacano Version

Zamboangueños loved for Chavacano language and preserving it stretches up to music. Wish we also have musicians in Cavite City singing songs in our native language. Listen to their Chavacano version parody.

Despacito Cover - Philippines Chavacano Version

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee Parody 

Maybe the Cavite City government can have an interschool Chabacano singing contest and a bigger prize for all original Chabacano music composition what do you think?

Friday, October 13, 2017

All We Need is Magic : Thank you Maggi

Thank you Maggi Philippines for the "Handaan Pack" 

Looking forward in sharing recipes from Lutong Cavite kitchen using Maggi products. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mushroom Chicharon

One of the popular healthy alternative snack craze. Here is an easy recipe. 

Fresh Oyster mushrooms
1 pack Crispy Fry
oil for deep frying

Cut mushroom into bite size pieces. Drenched vigorously in crispy fry. Deep fry until crispy. Served.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

IHOP Restaurant

Resto Name: IHOP Restaurant
Type:  American
Average Price Per Dish: P500

Supposed to eat early lunch but the Japanese resto that we are supposed to try is yet to open at 11:00 am since its not even 10:00 am and we are already hungry the nearest open was IHOP.

IHOP is known as breakfast restaurant. Wanted a chicken and waffle at first but since its not available and after much deliberation we ended up ordering spaghetti and burger LOL 

Spaghetti Bolognese - P195

Its pricey for the serving but in terms of taste - SUPERB ! Ang Sarap !

Cheese Burger - P295

Looks like a typical burger but the patty is so tender and juicy. Similar to SnR but way lot tastier. Pricey but sulit for its taste together with the french fries that are freshly made. 

Iced Tea - P75 (refillable)

Iced was yummy however the refill was lesser in flavor.

Even its just spaghetti and burger the taste is supper yummy and the service is okay. Definitely will comeback for their house specialty which are pancakes. Only complain is the comfort room its so small.


Food – 4.75 stars
Service – 4.5 stars
Ambiance – 4.5 stars
Value – 4.5 stars

OVERALL RATING – 4.5625 stars


Sunday, October 1, 2017

Baga Manila : Near Cavite City Hall

Finally, Cavite City now has a big indoor food park night market where friends, family or loved ones can hangout and share several variety of not so expensive foods.

Was wondering why Baga Manila and not Baga Cavite City only to find out this is a branch.BAGA Manila (Barbecuers And Grillers Association Manila).Here is a link of the website of its origin :

Photos of Lutong Cavite's second and fourth day food visit and tasting.

Lovely interior sala

 Bar area to order beer and drinks

Its not yet fully decorated

The ample satisfying variety of food choices to try.

Pinoy Ihaw-Ihaw and Pulutan Galore

Liempo, bbq, isaw


Fishballs, chicken balls, squid balls

 Crispy Fish

Crispy Shrimp

Chicharon Bulaklak

Chicken Skin

Crispy Isaw

Appetizers and Beer Match

Nachos and Chicharon

Cheesy Jalapeno, Crispy Sukiyaki and Skinny Fries

Chicken Wings and Bites

 Let's Go Japanese

Sabi ni kuya isama daw siya sa picture so ayan as requested :D

 Japanese Makis

Katsu Curry


More Drinks

Sugarcane Juice 

Ilocos Products 

Mongolian Toppings

Sabi din ni Mam isama daw siya sa picture so ayan as requested.
Mam Marian - the marketing manager


Tulingan Sinaing

Adobong Manok


Dimsum, Siomai and Siopao



Authentic Mexican cook/owner

Pinoy Meriendas

 Yummy looking Bulalo

Pork Favorites

Lechon Macau

Crispy Sisig

Wagyu Beef 
Most expensive dish at P180

The dishes tried...

  Crispy Sisig with egg - P100
 Super delicious sisig. There is something about that yummy dressing. A MUST TRY !!!

Inihaw na Manok with Rice - P80
Chicken wa perfectly marinated and grilled. Juicy and sulit for the price.

Quesadilla - P50
 Another super yummy find. Authentically made by a Mexican stall seller.

Cheesy Jalapeño - P60
Dynamite ng sosyal LOL super yummy and compliments well with the cheese sauce.

Dynamite - P50
 Dynamite ng mahirap LOL served in fishball sauce 

Isaw - P20
BBQ - P30
Perfectly grilled. I just find the timpla too sweet but maybe that's what most people wanted since when it is dipped in vinegar nabalanse naman lasa.

Dalandan Juice - P50

Red Berry - P20

Pink Lemonade - P20

Blue Lemonade - P20

Squid Meal - P120 (takeout)
Perfectly cooked and yummy.

Camote Chips and Banana Chips - P75 each
Yummy !!!

Nachos - P89
Too small amount of cheese sauce. Vegetables are too few. Cabbage are thickly sliced.
No ground beef !!! Too pricey !!!

California Maki - P100
This was a major failure. The rice was too mushy. The wasabi too watery.

Garlic Parmesan Wings - P100
Two pieces of wings split into two plus 1/2 of a wing. The 1/2 tiny wing in the picture below is a bit already black in color :(
The meat is bland in flavor and the outside too oily. The garlic parmesan is not of any help since it didn't hold in the skin and ended up all over the plate.

Sugar Cane Juice - P50

Lacks a bit in flavor maybe because the fresh sugarcane is too thin and a bit dry looking.

More shots of the inside interiors

It was nostalgia stepping at Baga Manila since it is the same spot where the former popular Patio Encarnacion was located. Several family gatherings was held here during my growing years and the last grand family reunion. It was nice seeing the place to be up again. Operating to bring happy food and eating memories to Caviteños after several long years whoever the new owner now is.

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