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What's In This BLOG

Caviteñean Cuisines
What this blog is mainly all about - Keeping Caviteñean Cuisine Alive. Come and see the numerous delicious dishes to cook and savor in Cavite City.

A peek of well-loved and known foods that is purely Caviteñean made. Also contains new foods sold and worth a try in the city and province.

List of homegrown restaurants and cafes with Facebook PAGES. If you know of others not yet listed kindly pm or message us so we can include it. Happy Food Tripping ! 

Chabacano, sometimes spelled as Chavacano, is a creole originally spoken by majority of the Caviteños that lived in Cavite City and Ternate after the arrival of the Spaniards three centuries ago. Keeping Chabacano alive by poetry, literature and songs and modern chabacano songs (yes modern). We believe one of the best way to keep our language alive is if we can translate it to music, isn't it ? 

Cavite іs known fоr іts rich history аnd а large number оf National Heroes. Іt іs sometimes called "Land оf the Brave". Get to know the Caviteño heroes.

Cavite is named as the Historical Capital of the Philippines. It is the cradle of Philippine Revolution and the birthplace of Philippine Independence. Visit the historical attraction and sites of Cavite City.

Reminisce past memories thru OLD photographs of Cavite City and its people.

Cavite proudly stands as a place with a glorious past. Its warm and friendly people, whose ancestors came down with a noble cause, manifest industry and patience in various skills and professions, openly receptive to the entry and exchange of culture. Get a glimpse of Cavite City traditions and celebrations.

Additional Contents:

A glimpse of this and that food in Cavite City

Ta Busca Niso ???
Contains the list of near extinction Caviteñean cuisine recipes this site is MAINLY LOOKING for . 
If you know any recipe listed kindly pm us and proper credit will be given.

The kind of city this blog is dreaming about for years

Places to to travel and enjoy in Cavite

Yes this site do resto reviews and welcomes invited reviews

Entries on categories listed above are posted from time to time. If ever you got to use information here like in school projects, research a simple message of thanks is highly appreciated.


  1. Hi, just came across your blog and i'm a home grown cavitena (but doesn't know how to speak chabacano *wink). I just want to suggest, if your could indicate the exact address of the restaurant you are reviewing and their telephone number as well. It would be great so your readers can try it too if it can easily be located. Thanks.


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