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MISSING Caviteñean Cuisine Recipes

If anyone knows one or more of the near extinction Caviteñean cuisine recipes listed below since it is rarely cook now a days due cost, tedious cooking process and the nyoras who knew how to make it are already gone KINDLY post or pm the recipe so we can feature it and continue its preservation for the future Caviteñean generations.  


Carne con Sarsa - suggested by Dave Salivio
Asao de Carajay - suggested by Dave Salivio
Menudo Caviteño - suggested by Tata Cobarrubia De Leon
Niño Embuerto (Cabbage Rolls) - suggested by Guia Narciso
Menudencia Con Casuy 
Fish Emblanco
Lugada De Pagi
Caldo Gallego
Kalamay Indang
Swam De Asojos
Bistek Aleman
Bibingka Lansong
Sopa De Ajos
Sopa De Pesamientos
Pancit De Carajay
Ropa Vieja - suggested by Maritoni Ouassas
Chuletas - suggested by Techie Dela Cruz Torres

Gracias for sharing the recipe:
Adobong Antigo - Inier Candor

Updated list as of June 2017 

NOTE: Kindly post a message if you know of other Caviteñean cuisines or yesteryears not yet listed above.GRACIAS !!!


  1. Calandracas, almondigas, chicken salad, beef brain soup, beef brain omelette, bacalao, callos

  2. Manzanilla na chavacano or kara, one of karekare ingredients. What's it called when you buy them from US or Mexican supermarkets.


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