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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cofftea Zone and Lago De Dalahican (revisited)

Resto Name: Cofftea Zone and Lago De Dalahican
Location: Manila Cavite Road., Cavite City
Type:  Filipino
Average Price Per Dish: P100-P250

Since the experience last month was so good in Cavite City branch compared to the Robinson' Gen.Trias branch decided to celebrate Father's day here again last Sunday.

Expecting the onion rings appetizer to arrive first but sadly this two dishes came up aside from the beers.
Sizzling Curry Pusit - P250

This was the best dish during our first visit so it was a must to repeat it BUT sadly it was a dismay the moment it was placed on our table. Although it tasted almost the same, the coconut sauce got too thick that when it was poured in the sizzling plate it got overcooked. Medyo nasunog na si coconut milk pa kalamay na sa lapot.  Ang konti pang squid pati cheese !!! #Anyare Wish there would be consistency in the dishes.

Buttered Tanigue with rice - P 120

Worth of the price. The tanigue was perfect cooked. 

Garden Salad - P 150

Requested to lessen the mayo to half since the previous order nalunod sa dressing. And guess what they changed the thousand island to plain mayo and with lesser ham pieces. #Anyare

Grilled Tuna Belly - P200

Tuna belly was too thick and unevenly cooked. Some parts tasted burned already and its not yummy. FORGET THIS DISH. NOT WORTH THE PRICE.

Onion Rings - P150

We were almost finished eating when this suppose to be appetizer arrived. Tasted okay and just right for its price

Buffalo Wings - P180

The best new find of the evening. Since this consists of chicken parts and not solely wings this should have been called "Buffalo Chicken" nevertheless one of the best tasting buttery crunchy fried chicken in Cavite City. A MUST TRY !

Potato Mojos  - P120

Last minute pahabol order. Just so-so both in taste and crunchiness. The potato wedges tasted more better and more crunchier than this one.

Yakult Lychee Peach 22 oz - P90

Fruit Tea Lychee 22 oz - P60

Lower rating for second time visit both for food and value. If weren't for that very yummy crispy fried chicken it would have been a not very bad food dining choices experience.  


Food – 3.5 stars
Service – 4 stars
Ambiance – 3.5 stars
Value – 3.5 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.625 stars


Regarding Senior citizen discount, I don't understand the P18 amount as 20% senior citizen discount when the total bill P690. And the P70 in the other bill which is P830. The discount is puzzling the first time we dined in too.

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