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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jan-Rhiz Resto and Venue

Resto Name: Jan-Rhiz Resto and Venue
Location: 1104 Dra. Salamanca San Antonio Cavite City, 4100 Cavite City
Type:  Filipino, American, Italian
Average Price Per Dish: P80-P200

The newest resto business in the city by one of the most popular cake shop and catering business. It is barely a month in operation and since a friend called me to give it a try so here we go.

The menu was uniquely place in a chopping board shape wood. Cool!

They offer boodle fight meals every Thursday to Saturday nights. Buffet all you can every Friday and Saturday. Sounds good.

A note is placed in every table number to wait for 15-25 minutes for orders. Only 3 tables are filled this morning. 25 minutes is a bit too long of a waiting time for a resto that is not even fully packed.

A bit of confusion when the orders arrived. The tacos became taco salad to which they apologized. The waiters are all very polite.

 Chef Salad - P80 (solo)
The photo in the menu has eggs, ham but the actual only has greens, cucumbers and carrots in a dressing with a hint of sesame oil. Makes it more like an asian flavored salad than Chef Salad. Its yummy but a bit pricey for the volume of serving. 

Beef Tacos - P60 (for sharing)
Composed only of greens, ground beef and cheese. The beef lacks any hind of flavor. Not even a dash of taco seasoning but the presentation is cool. It was placed in a chopping board. 

Pomodoro - P79 (solo)
The pasta is not well drained. In terms of taste its yummy. Wish the bread was crunchy but it got soaked in the watery noodle.

Chicken Wings Buffalo and BBQ - P99 ( with unli rice)
Tried my best to make it look good but the presentation is really bad. They should have placed it in a rectangular plate like how Bonchon is being served. The taste of both flavor is yummy but the wings are too small in serving. Bitin! Rather have a decent huge one piece chicken with drinks. Palubag ang unli rice. Baloy's sells bigger chicken wings at only P20 a piece.

Cucumber Shake - P69
Yummy and tasted really freshly made.

Iced Tea - P35 (medium)
This is the cutest iced tea presentation I have ever seen so far - in a bulb bottle. Its yummy too.

Hamburger - P70

We ordered this as takeout for my mom and guess her reaction when we got home. It too pricey! They should have placed at least some french fries or potato chips as side. Taste wise, the burger patty is pure beef but a bit hard and lacks in flavor. No hint of salt and pepper at all.

Top shot of our orders.

Below is the cashier's area.

After Cafe Antix, this is the next best interior designed resto in the city although its still in the process of improvement. The aircon was so cool inside and unlike Aurora's or Asao the good thing is you won't smell like ulam when you get out of the resto after dining.

Wish there was more accent or maybe half of the white walls to the floor have a different color to make it look more lively.

 The cool ceiling.

The eat all you can area.

The pasalubong corner which is yet to be filled and fixed.

Cakes where Jan-Rhiz was initially known for. 

Overall, this resto has potential. It just a matter of improving their menu, servings and offering more food combo choices to be sulit for the price to make it more hit to the food loving Caviteños. Maybe they can offer a wing-pasta-salad-drinks combo or pasta-pizza-drink combo in the coming months.

My favorite food quote -  proudly hanged on their wall. Yikes! 


Food – 3 stars
Service – 3 stars
Ambiance – 4.5 stars
Value – 2.5 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.25 stars


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