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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Asao Grill and Steak House

Resto Name: Asao Grill and Steak House
Location: Cavite City
Type: Filipino
Average Price Per Dish: P80-P300

We've been a regular customer of Asao at home but mostly takeout. We dined a few times but this is the first time I brought a camera and decided to finally make a decent long overdue review.

Since it's Mother's Day today this restaurant is full packed with people. Good thing they have a tv set to keep you entertained while you are waiting patiently for your order. After getting tired of chitchatting and almost 30 minutes sitting noticed the tv barely has any sound. That time it is showing Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho so I ask the male staff if he could make the tv volume louder. Minutes passed and nothing happened. Only 2 of all the occupied tables are eating. The rest are all waiting for their order watching tv that have barely any sound. Went to the counter and ask if they can turn the volume louder. There is a man in the counter computer at his back standing are two young man in sando and two female staff all of them glaring at the monitor laughing and smiling. The man at the computer said nung paalis ako sa counter " Baka ayaw ng iba ng maingay naman" but a minute later nilakasan din ang tv nung male staff. All customers started watching Kapuso nung lumakas ang sound since majority of the tables barely has anything serve yet. The other two table wherein the customer had already left minutes ago had not been cleaned. I noticed kaninang-kanina pa yun. Rather than nakababad yung two female staff sa monitor na nakikinuod ng kung ano man they should have placed plates, spoon/fork and served iced tea immediately at the respective tables of the dining customers na lahat 15 minutes up ng nakaupo then cleaned the dirty tables before new customers arrived. Pero may mga customer pang dumating at umupo madumi pa din ang table na kakainan nila.

Then at last orders finally arrived after 45 minutes !!! 

 Sinigang na Blue Marlin - P220
If there is one dish that saved our VERY disappointing service and staff experience tonight this is it. The sinigang is yummy. The saltiness and sourness flavor is just perfectly right. We love it.

Taco Salad - P150
This is one of our staple order even during the time that this resto is still in its original location.  

Chicken Cordon Blue - P160
The outside is a bit burned "Sunog na ata" and my sister kidded " Hindi naman papunta pa lang duon" And they served it without the sauce that I need to ask "Yung sauce po pakibigay naman." In terms of taste yummy although I find the sauce a bit too sweet.

The first dish to arrived was the sinigang. A minute later the taco salad and chicken cordon blue. Plate, spoon and fork has not been placed on the table considering we've been sitting there for 40 plus minutes already. 

I ask the female staff "Baka naman pede po pabigay na ang iced dapat yun ang una ninyong sineserved" A few minutes saka pa lang dinala. 

Free Iced Tea

Then my sister uttered "Yung kanin na rin po" Why would they served the sinigang first when it should have been the iced and the appetizer taco salad ???!!!

Steamed Rice - P15 
The kanin arrived but without spoon and fork!!!! "Ano ito kamayan" "Ate yung spoon and fork!" We only ordered 3 rice and asked for an extra plate since me and my sister only wanted half cup. It's been 5 minutes and I'm almost halfway eating the taco salad and still no plate has arrived. I went to the counter to ask for an extra plate to which the male staff nodded. I guess he was expecting me to leave but rather I continued standing there waiting for the plate ng maramdaman na di ako aalis nataranta bigla similip sa kitchen and shouted "Wala ba kayo extra plate dyan?" He then handed me a huge plate which look like a serving dish plate may 2 bihon pa ng pancit na nakasabit sa side !!! Hindi na ako nakipagtalo I went back to my seat and used it. Noticed the other eating plates on the table pala are all different in sizes LOL.

Sizzling Bangus - P140
The sizzling plate is not hot when the dish arrived. After mixing the egg it didn't got cooked and ended up runny. The serving is also a bit too little for its price plus it's too oily. Taste is okay if only its not too oily and the eggs that didn't got cooked. Disappointing. 

The inside of chicken cordon blue. It has carrot and pickles. 

Sizzling Pusit - P140
We were almost done eating and this dish has not arrived. We told the female staff if matatagalan pa we will have it cancelled. It less than a minute it came and its no longer sizzling. It contains only 1 squid around 3 inches in length sliced thinly then tons of veggies. Its deceptive of its name and should have been called Sizzling Vegetables with Pusit rather than Sizzling Pusit. My sister suggested maybe we can order fried canton and pour it as toppings which I readily agreed. This dish is a major disappointment. 

After finishing the squid called the staff for bill out. Its been 5 minutes and our bill has not arrived so I went to the counter and presented my father's senior citizen card for discount. The staff ask if "Bill out na po ba?" I could have said "Kanina pa 5 minutes ago na namin hiningi" but opted not to reply anymore and went back to our table. Few minutes the bill came and they discounted it for P20. My father did not signed anything like in other restaurant and just before we were about to hand out the payment the staff was gone in our table. It's been customary and polite in any resto to wait for the bill to be handed by the customer sa loob-loob ko "Ano ba namang klaseng mga staff ito."  

Decided to stand up again for the nth time and went to the counter myself with the bill and payment. The female staff irritatedly told the male staff who at that moment was concocting iced tea "Abutan mo na lang ng sukli" then sabay layas. Since the male staff just continued with his iced tea I moved the bill and my payment on the left side of the counter corner to man at the computer this time with only one young man in sando standing behind him. The man seemed surprised and looked around searching for the staff while the young man in sando got my bill. The other female staff came from nowhere and got my payment then handed me the change sabay sabing "Thank You".     

When I got home amoy ulam kami. Before this usually happens when we eat at Chefoo pero mas maamoy sa Asao now thus the 2 star rating for ambiance. Overall it could have been a very disappointing night if weren't for that yummy sinigang. 

Food – 3.5 stars
Service –  .5 stars
Ambiance – 2 stars
Value – 3 stars

OVERALL RATING – 2.25 stars

Note: Only the taco salad is our regular ordered dish. It was the first time we ordered and tasted all the other dishes featured on this blog post.

Asao Grill and Steak House
P.Burgos Avenue,
San Roque, Cavite City 
Tel no. - (046) 431-7796

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