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Monday, May 9, 2016

Aurora's Snack & Steak House

Resto Name: Aurora's Snack & Steak House
Location: Cavite City
Type: Filipino/American
Average Price Per Dish: P80-P200

Its election day today. God bless our country. After voting decided to have a lunch out this time at Aurora's.

When we arrived the restaurant is full of people and good thing there is still a vacant table. Female staff immediately handed us the menu.

After two minutes she came back and ask if we already have an order. 

A minute after spoon, fork and knife was immediately placed on our table. In less than 5 minutes both sweet treats were served immediately as well considering the resto is fully packed with people when we came.

Halo-Halo Regular - P50
Contains only 5 ingredients : beans, mongo, garbanzos, gulaman and macapuno. Beans, mongo, garbanzos and even macapuno are all super soft. Worth it for its price.

Sagot' Gulaman - P30
The yummiest sago't gulaman I ever tasted for a very sulit price of P30. The arnibal is a bit sweet but its super yummy. Umuusok pa yelo which is wow. 

Potato Salad - P40
Texture is okay but flavor is a bit na matabang but some parts are maalat and maanghang. It was not thoroughly mixed when it was made.

Main dishes quickly arrived around 10 minutes after the order was taken. Very very fast service.

Korean Porkchop with Rice - P80
Been ages since we last ordered this which used to be a takeout favorite. The porkchop is a bit overcooked. Flavor is not on the sweet side like it used to be years ago.  

Sizzling Porterhouse - P400

Aurora's is known for steak for ages in the city. I believe it is the only steakhouse we used to have so decided to order a steak since its been a very long time. Craving for a t-bone but sadly the female staff said it is not available. The only available is porterhouse so ended up with this. Price was not written on the menu and was surprised when the bill came out that it's a whooping P400 ???? You can get the same steak for lesser value in other more popular resto in the metro. Anyways if in Asao last night the sizzling plate was not heated enough this sizzling plate was heated too much that when the steak came out of the kitchen the staff placed it first in the counter to let it cool and a minute before it was served on our table. It came with plain rice and mixed veggies. Since the sizzling plate was too much heated up the steak got overcooked and already has a burnt aftertaste. The gravy is more on the salty side as well and not flavorful at all. A huge disappointment for its super exorbitant price !!! should have ordered a pork steak or the value ulam meal they offer instead that I even ended up having extra budget for dessert. Wonder how much the t-bone steak is priced since it is always way higher in restos maybe P500 or P600. #GrabeLang

What I admire and loved most about the resto is despite it was full packed with customers when we arrived the two female staff are very attentive. After taking orders they immediately served drinks then spoon/fork. And it only takes a minute or two for the dirty tables to be cleaned after the customers left the resto. And the staff even has time brooming the floor immediately. In terms of service this resto is superb and hard to beat. The two female staff should definitely have an added monthly bonus for efficiency and customer service.

But just like Chefoo and Asao amoy ulam ka rin paglabas ng restaurant.

Food – 3 stars
Service –  5 stars
Ambiance – 3.5 stars
Value – 3 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.625 stars

Aurora's Snack and Steak House
P.Burgos Avenue,
Caridad, Cavite City
Tel no. - (046) 431-0102

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