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Friday, May 6, 2016


ATTENTION : The person behind Manuel S. Rojas FB Account

It's been almost  a year since I've posted this PAKIUSAP because of the growing number of Caviteños stealing this blog's food photo, removing its watermark and claiming it as if their own for likes and credit on their own FB pages.

It's saddening that it  is being repeated again.

Whoever owns this FB account na ginamit pa si Manuel Rojas para magka popular konting respeto naman po.

Lutong Cavite is the FIRST and the ORIGINAL Cavite food inspired blog with FB page and social media sites it is saddening when fellow Caviteños repeatedly steal its content that took years of labor and sweat to put together. Inalis mo na watermark di ka pa nag-link back. Yes this is the online world but respect and ethics especially from fellow Caviteños would not hurt ? Whoever is behind this Manuel S. Rojas account RESPETO NAMAN PO.   

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