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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lago De Dalahican (Robinson Branch)

Resto Name: Lago De Dalahican
Location: Robinson's Gen.Trias
Type:  Filipino
Average Price Per Dish: P150-P300

Since the experience in Cavite City branch is good decided to try this branch in Robinson's Gen. Trias last Sunday.

photo c/o: Lago FB page

When we arrived the resto is full inside but there are vacant tables outside. Then approached the waiter at the door who told us there is no vacant table when he could ask us if we are willing to dine outside or just be on the waiting list. But he has no follow-up reaction. Went on the side of the resto get a better glimpse of the inside and saw a table that is almost finished eating. Came back to the door and told the waiter we will just be waiting since there is a table that is almost done. It was us who told him if we can have a menu now so we can order ahead of time while waiting for our company. That was the only time he handed the menu (parang ayaw ni Kuya ng customer)


This is the only okay dish from all the dishes we ordered. It was yummy and worth its price. 

Nido Soup 

Tasted straight from the pouch powdered soup. Barely any pugo  #GanitoBaTalaga

Mexicano Sisig 

Since this was one of the two yummiest in Cavite City branch decided to try it here. Sadly quality is different. The sisig pieces are not evenly chopped. Some are big some are small and some looks like shredded. Mas tasty yung sa Cavite City at mas maganda presentation.

 Sizzling Tuna Flakes ?

Forgot the exact name of this forgettable dish and we were in a hurry wasn't able to wait for the receipt. This dish is a major disappointment. Sizzling tuna flakes but when it was served the sizzling plate was not even hot. No idea of this dish really looks like this but it doesn't even taste yummy either. Not worth the prize and order. #SayangPera

Sizzling Chicken 

The last order to served after numerous follow up since we are almost finished eating and it is still nowhere to be found. The dish is just okay. Nothing really fancy to rave about and again its not even sizzling when it was served. The buttered chicken is much yummier.

 Fruit Tea Wintermelon, Lychee and Strawberry 22 oz 

Cavite City main branch is way  better in food and service Some dishes are pricier here than in their main branch. Was supposed to order the other Cavite City fave find - Sizzling Curry Squid but it was priced here at P300 - higher than P50 so didn't end up ordering it.


Food – 2.50 stars
Service – 4 stars
Ambiance – 4 stars
Value – 3.00 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.375 stars


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