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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Resto Name: Jatujak
Location: Mall of Asia
Type: Thai
Average Price Per Dish: P150-350

Sampler Appetizer - P 198

Shrimp cake, fish cake and Thai spring roll. All taste yummy but we like the most. It’s somewhat similar to the fresh lumpia at Phoa.

Tom Yum All-Shrimps (medium) - P195

We opted for the not spicy one and it tasted like “sinigang” except rather than kangkong leaves it has buttons mushrooms, and tanglad.

Sate Chicken - P175

Some pieces are a bit burnt on one side but it tasted fine.

Jasmin Rice - P35

In pretty and unique design serving cup

Lemon Iced Tea - P70

Tasted like boiled tanglad we typically had at home except it has a dash of honey mint leave and ice.

Thai Green Iced Tea - P70

Very strong taste of green tea plus the ice doesn’t melt too fast.

If you like tasting Thai food that is not too expensive and with fast service this resto is a must try.


Service – 5 stars
Ambiance – 3.5 stars
Value – 5 stars

Food – 4 stars

OVERALL RATING – 4.37 stars

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