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Friday, January 28, 2011

Don Julian Felipe

Today is the birth of one of the most famous Caviteño who composed the Philippine National Anthem. Here's an old short article about him I found in my Lola's baul.


Composer of Philippine National Anthem

The moving spirit of the revolution against Spain, the great Caviteño composer who transformed into music the Filipino patriotism and love for country and freedom, was born on January 28, 1861 in the old Puerto de Cavite. Don Julian Felipe, a revolutionary Captain was regarded as one of the pillars of the Philippine’s independence movement. He was twice arrested and incarcerated in Fort San Felipe together with the 13 martyrs of Cavite.

When the need for a martial composition was felt by the officers and men of the Katipunan, Gen.Emilio Aguinaldo requested the Caviteño musician to compose the march. It was then that Marcha National Filipin came to life. A battle hymn, an anthem that gave life and meaning to the struggle for national solidarity, the Pambansang Awit was first played in Kawit, Kabite on June 12,1898, during the proclamation of the first Philippine Republic.

Historians failed to record Don Julian’s revolutionary activities barely remembering at all that he composed our own National Anthem. The Katipunero composer died on October 20, 1944, leaving behind his last composition, the Gen. MacArthur March, which was only played for the first time during the centennial celebration.

Don Julian also composed the hymn "Reina de Cavite" for Nuestra Señora de la Soledad de Porta Vaga. The lyrics were taken from the poem Himmo a la Virgén de Cavite by Fr. Tomás de Andrade, the rector of the Jesuit College of Cavite sometime in 1689.

Reina de Cavite per siempre seras:
Es prenda tu nombre de jubilo y paz:
Reina de Cavite por siempre seras;
Es prenda tu nombre de jubilo y paz.

Madre Immaculada, prez del serafin,
Luz de Filipinas, protegenos sin fin:
Luz de Filipinas, protegenos sin fin.

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