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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cavite City - Cleanest City in the Philippines?

A scanned article from a publication magazine circa 1950's.

Can you believe Cavite City was twice in a row the cleanest city in the Philippines during 1950’s?

Yes you read it right but 50 years after from a proud first class city NOW reduced to a mere 4th class city. Garbage collection is a terrible problem nowadays. Either the garbage truck is "always on repair" or if they go house to house the truck no longer rings the truck bell as they did when I was little to warn people that they will be picking garbage. They just drive too fast so if you don’t hurry on bringing out your garbage outside it won’t get pickup. I do not know if the garbage guys are just always in a hurry or too lazy to do their job. There is also no proper garbage pickup scheduling anymore even one pays yearly garbage collection fee.

The sad part I don’t think garbage collection is a top priority of our current mayor. Instead of buying additional garbage truck, the pavement again of the sidewalks in the main road which has already been paved by the former mayor not too long ago seems to be the very first project. What is the use of a beautified red brinks pavement aside that it doesn't look matibay when Caviteños can no longer walk in it because of the mushrooming sidewalk vendors over the years and mind you there seems to be no stopping and regulation in their growing numbers.

Ang mamamayang Caviteño ang mag-adjust sa vendors at basura? 

How about a strict garbage segregation program around the city for Zero Waste Management with the help of the barangay officials ??? Is it really late to bring back the cleanliness of Cavite City we once experience and awarded at?    

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