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Friday, June 24, 2016

Regada 2016

Six years ago I wrote a blog entry here regarding my growing dismay on Regada. This was my closing paragraph on that blog entry...

Cavite City has a very rich history and hoping someday we will have a festival wherein we can showcase our history, culture, beauty and talents of what we really have and not just noisy and rowdy individuals especially teenagers flirting and partying all day until they get drunk.

That time my issue is the drunkenness and rowdiness of the men and teenagers under the influence of alcohol and how the festival became too commercialized that it lost the real essence of it. Today I am writing an entry since Regada turned from worse to worst.

The past few years sexy girls became the main attraction and what is more worst this year a well known porno star as highlight proudly beside the smiling city officials who look like they've won in lotto. Sus Maria Ginoo!

And what could have added more insult to the injury there was no basnig and fluvial parade held for the very first time. In the video we can see St. John The Baptist was just merely splashed with water in the sea. It was then paraded in a different short karakol route not even in the Main road to the dismay of many Caviteños.

It's hard to promote an event whose real meaning was lost and not seems to be understood by whoever is handling the festival now a days. It is a total dismay what happened to Regada 2016 hoping next year bumawi na sana ng bongga ang organizers at umayos naman. Bring the solemnity St. John The Baptist which should have been the main highlight of the festival.    

Video c/o :  Jan Joseph Gonzales Bernal FB

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