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Monday, April 6, 2015


First of all credit to fellow Caviteños who over the years knows how to share on FB and link back to credit where the original materials came from. 

When Lutong Cavite started there was no single site online nor FB page that contains comprehensive details about Cavite food and the city itself but years after some fellow Caviteños got inspired thus creating their own FB groups and pages as well. There is nothing wrong creating your own Cavite FB page in honor of the city but what is wrong is stealing and cropping photos of this blog site and FB Page to post and make it look as if it was you own. 

This is not the first time people behind Los Caviteños del Ciudad de Cavite FB page had done stealing for the nth time :(( 

Mr. Augusto Achurra also cropped the Paksiw na Dilis sa Dilaw photo to remove the watermark and twice posted it on Los Chabacanos Del Ciudad De Cavite FB page :((

There are also other fellow Chabacanos who seem to develop this bad habit of stealing and reposting to make it look like their own the past few years especially on Facebook.

Lutong Cavite is the FIRST and the ORIGINAL Cavite food inspired blog with FB page and it is saddening when fellow Caviteños rather than providing materials or helping propagate Cavite would rather resort to occasional stealing of photographs and materials from this blog that took years of labor and sweat to put together. Yes this is the online world but respect and ethics especially from fellow Caviteños would not hurt especially we are into a common goal of propagating our dying city don’t you think?   


  1. Best way to respond to this blatant content stealing is by posting a comment on their FB page. Like "Thank you for featuring my photo and article. You can read more on [insert link here]. ;)


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