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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mi Sueño Del Ciudad


If you live your whole life in Cavite City you surely have noticed how the city deteriorated from 1st class now to a mere 4th class city. Every election all running politicians are full of never ending promises to do this and that but the only improvement one have seen is the ever changing design of MURALLA every change of administration and sprouting of giant fast food chains. Even the Cavite City public market fails terribly in sanitation. It’s not yet too late to still dream for Cavite City to be back to its prime shape and prestige and regain its former glamorous status. Di naman masama mangarap di ba ??? 

Here are some of Lutong Cavite’s dream:

1. Zero Waste Management Program on every barangay including by category garbage collection daily schedule. No segregation no collection.
2. City curfew for 18 years old and below
3. Strict implementation and compliance of cleanliness and sanitation in Cavite City public market. Unused stalls and area should not be turned into garbage spaces and comfort room.
4. High school scholarship and allowance for the yearly top 3 elementary graduate of all city public schools.
5. Four year college scholarship to the top 3 students of Cavite National Highschool. 
6. An ordinance mandating that Chavacano language will be a mandatory subject in grade school and highschool. If one wants to live in Cavite City then you need to learn its native language.
7. Livelihood project for every barangay. The top 3 barangay with the highest yearly income on sales of their products will be given prize money at the end of the year.
8. Lowering of taxes of small businesses to encourage more Caviteñeans to be small and medium size entrepreneurs.
9. Playground for every barangay.
10. Sunday 1 hour street cleaning schedule by the teens lead by SK chairman and members on each barangay.
11. Side car and tricycle body color coding per area.
12. Jeepney and baby bus drivers should be in decent uniform at least clean white shirt and shorts/pants with ID.
13. Outreach livelihood programs to the poorest area of the city to be spearheaded by the churches and barangay officials.
14. Police should be on the field roving and visible 24/7 especially on major streets.
15. Anti-Drug campaign for a DRUG FREE city.
16. Emergency Preparedness in coordination with local churches including stocking of emergency supplies.
17. Every vacant lot and spaces will be required to be planted with vegetables and fruit plants if not a penalty will be imposed to the owner of the lot.
18. Mini Library in every barangay to encourage especially little children to read. On weekend free tutorial services by volunteer students and individuals.
19. Fire hydrant rehabilitation and construction of new ones.
20. Ordinance that will not allow streets to be parking area for any type of vehicle. No compliance equivalent to penalty.
21. More senior citizen discounts and privileges
22. City yearly activities:
- Pet day for all the city pet lovers headed by the city veterinarian offices with activities like free vaccination, fun run, dress your pet, etc.
- Grand City Santacruzan to be organized by all city Catholic churches and participated strictly only by all private and public school muses to showcase every city school.
- Senior Citizens day with activities like sarsuela, film showing, etc.
- Araw ng Kabataan with activities like dance and singing contest, cosplay, fliptop,etc.
- City Student’s Day for all public and private school with activities like essay, declamation, drawing, painting, etc.
- Entrepreneur's Day young and old small budding city entrepreneurs with their respective selling booths.  The top highest sales will be given cash prize.
- Yearly foodfest with the participation of every barangay’s popular pure bred Caviteñean cook showcasing the native dishes of the city.
- Yearly Chabacano Song Writing/Music Festival Competition school and non school category for the preservation of chabacano language.

Maybe just maybe keeping finger's crossed that we can see some of this fulfilled in the near future.

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