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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Daddy's Toasted Siopao

There is always long queue of lines whenever the bus passes along Bacoor so I got curious what this toasted siopao is all about.


When I was passed along General Trias I saw another branch so the next time I was around I went to the store to finally buy a box.

Each piece was priced at P8 but if you want to buy a box of 9 you need to pay additional P15 for the box with sticker and purple ribbon. The seller stressed to me many times that there is an additional cost for the box if it is okay with me which I find bothersome. 

I decided buying both flavors to try and taste but what was available that day is only chicken.

The dough tasted more like the bread called putok than a pao and a bit tough. The stuffing of each bun consist of one or two very small pieces of salted egg and you can't barely find any pieces of chicken. It's like eating putok with egg and sweet and salty sauce. For its price pwede ng pamatid gutom but for me this is the first and last time I will be eating this. 

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