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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ladislao Diwa

Founder of the Katipunan
June 27, 1863 − March 12, 1930

Ladiaslao Diwa, one of the triumvirates who founded the Katipunan, was born on June 27,1963. He studied in a Catholic Seminary for fourteen years but forseek priesthood and took up law in the University of Sto. Tomas.

Diwa was one of the first members of Rizal’s La liga Filipina, but when Rizal was deported to Dapitan, Diwa, together with Andres Bonifacio and Teodoro Plata organized the Katipunan to replace the La Liga. Under the KKK’s secrecy, Diwa was known as the “Balete”, an ancient Filipino Tree.

An underground leader who spread the teachings of the Katipunan throughout Luzon, Diwa was captured and imprisoned in Fort Santiago and once, for 72 hours was alone in a “bartolina” without food or water.

As Colonel of the revolution, he was one of those who negotiated the surrender of the Spaniards. Under the first Philippine Republic, “Balate” was elected the first Civil Governor of Cavite.

A true Caviteño, Diwa, who for 30 years had served honestly and efficiently as Clerk of the Court of First Instance in Cavite, a position he held after his surrender to the American forces, died on March 12,1930.

To mark the place of the death of Ladislao Diwa, the Cavite Rotarians erected the above historical marker in Cabuco Street, Caridad, Cavite City.


  1. we got some typo error here I says that he was born in 1963 ..or 1863 maybe..

  2. I really truly enjoyed Lutong Cavite..terribly missed our city so much...the food, the Chabacanos camaraderi, Cheefoo, Pagoda Kitchen ,,remember when they serve breakfast they called Sanchex Style,,after Mr Sanchez used to eat there every morning, then our PX market thats very well known in the country for all those stateside goods..etc.Missed them al. and thanks for this blog. Cheers and saludo.


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