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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant

Resto Name: Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant
Location: Mall of Asia
Type: Chinese
Average Price Per Dish: P400-2,500

It was my dad's birthday and we decided to celebrate by trying something Chinese. The restaurant is expensive and interior looks very classy so we are expected the dishes to be superb as well.

Fish Lips Soup - P380

Soup was okay. My sister said it tasted like the one being served in King Bee.

Healthy Fried Rice - P 420

It does look and tasted healthy. I'm torn now between Yang Chow and this lol

Vegetables with Garlic - P320

We were expecting something like Chopsuey since the name of the dish is "vegetables" but whoah what we got was a small bunch of steamed pechay baguio with a few cloves of garlic for P320 NIGHTMARE! SOBRANG HARANG! This dish cost less than P20 !!!!!

Emperor Crispy Chicken - P380

Half serving of rerfectly cooked chicken. Reminds me of Savory except Savory has this distinct taste.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu - P600

We were supposed to order duck and pigeon but that day the restaurant has no stock so we ended up with their lapu-lapu promo as suggested. We expected a red lapu-lapu but it was a gray distorted one. The sauce is a bit salty.

Iced Tea - P75

Iced tea was good and refreshing.

Almond Jelly - Free

They gave us complimentary dessert which I don't know if they always do but it was not enough to for us to totally forget our nightmare with that very memorable vegetable dish.

What I like most about this restaurant is the ambience and the very fast service. Our order was even taken by the I believe owner herself and everything arrived in just a matter of minutes except for the lapu-lapu. Too bad the quality of food is not at par with the taste and price.

Food – 2 stars
Service – 5 stars
Ambiance – 5 stars
Value – 1.5 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.37 stars

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