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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Regada 2010

Regada Annual Water Festival in Cavite City or simply Regada is a water festival held at Cavite City yearly in celebration of San Juan Bautista festivity whose feastday is June 24. Regada started in 1996 during the tenure of the Mayor Tim Encarnacion.

Cavite City’s party-loving people have combined their love for water and celebrations through the Regada event, derived from the Spanish word “regar” which means to water, to sprinkle or to irrigate. The one kilometer stretch along P. Burgos Avenue is closed to traffic and rigged with pipes to simulate rain transforming it into a wild party venue. The three-day long celebration also has several activities depending on who the current mayor is.

Over the years the festivity of St.John the Baptist deteriorated from simplicity and solemnity of the celebration with joyful smiling lolas/lolos and balikbayans dancing to the beat of the traditional karakol music to commercialism. Now all you can see are teenagers and middle aged men shouting wildly while karakoling the statue of St.John. Ssadly majority of them are drunk with alcohol. Several times there also had been chaos even stabbing incidents one I saw with my very own eyes. I really miss the good old days when the celebration is simple and solemn. Those days when the REAL meaning of what the festivity is all about is more felt and understood by every Caviteño.

Cavite City has a very rich history and hoping someday we will have a festival wherein we can showcase our history, culture, beauty and talents of what we really have and not just noisy and rowdy individuals especially teenagers flirting and partying all day until they get drunk, wild and lost.

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