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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chefoo's Fried Chicken

Way before McDonald's, Jollibee and KFC fried chicken became famous Cavite City has its own famous fried chicken - Chefoo's Fried Chicken.

I had a lot of fond memories with this fried chicken since it's always present in almost every special occasion eversince I was a child. My family frequent Chefoo restaurant to celebrate special occasions or buy takeouts when we feel lazy to cook up to now.

I remember fried chicken takeouts are wrapped in plastic then brown paper and tied with straw string. The ketchups are placed in tied iced candy plastics plus there are slices of cucumber and tomato as accompaniment but over the past few years the fried chicken had a packaging makeover. It is now decently placed in a printed carton box plus the banana ketchup are now in placed small plastic cup container.

So if ever you come to Cavite City don't forget to try our famous fried chicken ^_^

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  1. WOW!!! nice one..We are glad you liked it...^^


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