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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Resto Review Rating System

LUTONG CAVITE’s Resto Review Rating System is divided into four criteria listed below:

Food - delicious, flavorful, original, with artistic presentation

Service -  attentive, personable, pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, efficient, timely

Ambiance - interesting interior design, originality, comfortable seating, not unpleasantly noisy. Extra points for great view and historical setting

Value - an all-together pleasant experience worth the price

5 - Excellent
4 - Very Good
3 - Ordinary
2 - Not Terrible
1 - Major Improvement Necessary
*half points for something in between

Lutong Cavite has no affiliation to the foods and restaurants reviewed, nor bear any ill will toward them. Everything written is based on the experience, taste and opinion at that particular moment. In the resto business, things can change quickly. In the event that the written article is seen as unfavourable , it is done so with no malice intended . This blog stands by its words and will not seek to change them unless proven wrong. Focus of review always primarily falls in the quality, price and taste of food at the time it was consumed.

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