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Monday, February 1, 2010


Malabanos is Cavite-style fish adobo dish made of eel (palos) which is meaty like pork. This is one of my fave viand at home but my father who is an Ilocano doesn’t like this since he finds it matinik and malansa but for one who pure Caviteña you'll simply love this dish.

Malabanos is usually sold in the market in thick slices and already bathed in luyang dilaw (turmeric) thus orangey-yellowish appearance.


Malabanos (already bathe in turmeric and sliced thickly)
turmeric (luyang dilaw) if not bathe in it
salt and pepper to tasteh

Pour enough vinegar into the malabanos. Add minced/chopped garlic. Add some turmeric. Salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil the way how you normally cooked your adobo. Fry fish until is crispy outside. Add back to the sauce.


Serve with rice. Que sabroso !

Tip: Male malabanos is more matinik than female malabanos

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