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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Kesong puti or quesillo as how we call it here in Cavite is a proudly Philippine cheese made of carabao's milk. Traditionally it is sold wrapped in banana leaves.

My lolo use to buy this for merienda whenever he wins in sabong together with salakot or bonete bread in Dizon's bakery. This is best paired with pandesal but me I love it with the salakot bread but only pandesal and bonete are now available in Dizon's bakery.

Quesillo is also placed on top of traditional Cavitenean bibingka along with white sugar and itlog na pula.

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  1. I know a place where they make good bibingka special with itlog na pula as topping and sugar.... in Binakayan (Bisita) right next to the San Miguel Church they use the stone grinder to grind the soaked malagkit rice for the galapong...


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