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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reina de Cavite

Recent findings may give credence to ca. 1667 as her date of arrival. The lyrics of the hymn "Reina de Cavite" was taken from a poem entitled "Himno a la Virgen de Cavite". This was written by the Jesuit Fr. Tomas de Andrade, a former rector of the Colegio de Cavite. He was assigned in Cavite between 1669-1689. We may assume that he wrote this poem during his stay in Cavite. There must have been a strong devotion to the Virgen de Cavite so that by his time, poetic lines were written in Her honor.

Video c/o: Luz De Filipinas

And this is the Reina de Cavite video story created by no less than Fr. Dominador Medina. 

Video c/o: Fr. Dominador Medina

Happy Cavite City Fiesta 2016 !!!

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