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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 (A Photo Essay)

Few days ago Madrid Fusion Manila 2016 was held again in SMX Convention Center in Pasay.
Madrid Fusión is the most important Spanish gastronomy congress bringing together the most prestigious and innovative chefs from all over the world. It presents a unique opportunity for professional chefs, food aficionados, and food-and beverage-related companies and trade to come together, learn new things and share their talent, expertise, as well as products to the market. This year is was held from April 7-9 and trade exhibit is open to the public on the last day for an entrance fee of P500.

One of the many simultaneous talks happening in the event area by renowned foreign chefs. 

Edible flowers ! Didn't buy one since still need to research how to serve it lol

Purple Corn but it looks more black than purple. I wonder how it taste?

Locally made wines

Pretty mesmerized with the so many local cooking ingredients we had by region that is yet undiscovered and not used. If only they can be made more and an a jump in demand imagine how many people will benefit more production wise in provinces.

Our own black and red rice.

First heard of this with my officemate and I saw it being used in one of the cooking tv show. Wonder how sour it is.

 I think Chef Boy Logro mentioned this once and feature on Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo too.

I wonder how is this being used?


We used to have so many asinan in Noveleta along Lido and Villamar Resort now the industry is dead and so are the resorts. Sign of changing times.

Coffee Beans

Tobacco Leaves

One of the many booths of Coco Products

Yes one of the oldest distillery in the Philippines. If only more FIlipinos will patronize our local products.

There are now organized culinary tours around the Philippines for those interested in finding out the history of our foods and tasting it.

And there is also a book @P500 about Philippine Culinary Culture.

This was during the Coco Craze at the Food Tunnel

Some of the coco products food samples. It was a bit chaotic and stressful inside the tunnel full of people. 

And here some of the other free food samples I savored.





There is a duty free mascot who gamely posed.

One of the famous local Chef Jessie Sincioco no further introduction needed. Na miss ko bigla Secrets of the Masters ng QTV11. 

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