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Friday, February 26, 2016

Lutong Cavite : 6 Years and Counting

How quickly time flies imagine it's been 6 years since this blog was started 
I can't believe it -  
YES 6 YEARS has passed !!!
It is not easy maintaining a food blog plus a Facebook Page. 

As much as I wanted to put much more contents there are times I don't have the resources much more the time. I encountered a lot of obstacles over the years but one of the greatest learning it thought me is - 
to NEVER EVER stop what you are passionate about. 

Just always do the things that make you feel happy and you will never go wrong.

On this blog's 6th year, 
what could have been a better gift but to get a message of praise like this via e-mail:

Madam Nicole Ponseca a New York City-based restaurateur of the popular and groundbreaking Filipino establishment Maharlika and Jeepney. Thank you so much nakakataba ng puso. It means a lot that the years of effort, tears and sweat for this blog is appreciated by more and more people.

Plus another precious gift,
we crossed 5,000 Facebook followers yesterday - February 25, 2016

I remember when I started this blog's FB page few years ago I was just hoping for 100 likes. Yes just 100 likes and I will be very happy. Now simply wow.

Gracias con todos Amigos y Amigas !!!

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