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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bangenge Festival 2015

2015 - it’s a mixture : Clash of Clans, Big, Inside Out, some computer characters  and of course Kalyeserye.

Compared to the previous 2 years the lanterns and kunehos are not as bongga and so are the bangenges. 

Even the kunehos are in Yaya Dub costume

The standout  is super huge Ninja Turtle and the Inside Out characters but this year's festival is the most riot meaning daming humihiyaw. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


The organizers are clever enough to place the last 3 spot to the following bangenges :  Lola Nidora, Yaya Dub (there are 2 the one at the last was in Mi Yu outfit who obviously sponsored it) and Frankie. 

 Lola Nidora

Yaya Dub


Kung gano ka notorious si Jose eh ganun din kagulo ang may suot ng bangenge nya. It’s so difficult to have a decent shot one needs to keep following the parade. People are shouting “Yaya Dub” “Si Lola Nidora oh” “Si Frankie” from children to oldies. Yung mga maliliit na bata nagpapa bebe wave na nakangiti. The last 3 bangenges are the most pictured ones too at laging naiiwan. Preview na ba ito ng MMFF Parade.   


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