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Friday, August 21, 2015

HO CHAI LAI Restaurant

Resto Name: Ho Chai Lai Restaurant
Location: Noveleta, Cavite
Type: Chinese
Average Price Per Dish: P130-P250

There's a new Chinese Restaurant in town and finally got to try it last weekend. It's the former sales office of the residential houses in long beach and after being abandoned for a long time it was converted into a Chinese restaurant named Ho Chai Lai. After researching online found out there are 2 other branches one in Muntinlupa and the other in Laguna so this is resto is a franchise. 

Got excited with the menu that we immediately turned to the last page to see their specialties but sadly after saying our preferred dishes majority is either not yet offered or out of stock.

No lapu-lapu, crab or any of the other yummy seafood dishes listed. Even the best seller Spareribs Salt and Pepper which was offered for us to try was not available later when it was checked in the kitchen. Around 80% listed in the menu is not available :-( After several order revision because of unavailability this are the dishes that we got to try that night.

Jasmine Tea - Free
Of course every Chinese resto offers free tea so this is the first thing we ask if they do and luckily they have. 

Hototay Soup - P 220 (Regular)  
Since Nido soup is not available we end up with Hototay. The taste of the broth is good but a bit pricey especially it only contains 2 pieces of shrimp, very few meat and vegetables. Also unlike in Chefoo that they immediately serve it with calamansi and soy sauce here you need to ask it yourself.

Cold Platter 6 Kinds - P 380
Jelly Fish, Century Egg, Beef Kenchi, Soy Chicken, White Pata and the missing Pork Asado (out of stock) which was replaced with Soy Chicken.  All dishes are yummy and the platter is definitely sulit for its price. The Jelly fish has this crunch that at first you will have a hard time thinking what you are eating if you have no idea what it is. The beef kenchi melts in the mouth. The chicken is tender and flavorful. Hope next time we get to taste the asado.

Yang Chow Fried Rice - P120 (Small)
One of the best rice dishes so far  and worth to order.  Tasted like the one served in North Park. Yummy.

Seafood Chami - P220 (Regular)
A bit salty and the sauce is too thick. This is our least favorite that night and just ended up being taken out.

Fish with White Sauce - P225
We prefer sweet and sour but since they don't have any ingredients for the sauce after debating between Steamed Fish Fillet in Garlic we ended up with this. Coated dory fish fillet in a bit salty sauce. Our 2nd least fave.

Mapo Tofu - P200 
The yummiest dish of the night. Bursting with flavor plus the hint of spiciness is so perfect. 

Grass Jelly - P50
This is too sweet that one will end up a diabetic. Hope they will lessen the syrup a bit. 

Pineapple Juice - P70

Ho Chai Lai will rival Chefoo in Chinese dishes. If one wants more authentic Chinese cuisine near Cavite City then this restaurant is worth a visit. Let's just hope in the coming months that 100% of their menu will finally be available.  Also waiter is friendly and service is good. Definitely worth balik-balikan even there is nothing special about the ambience - too plain and ordinary. 

Food – 3.5 stars
Service – 4 stars
Ambiance – 3.5 stars
Value – 3.5 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.625 stars

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