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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oinkneng's The Best Sisig & Lechon Kawali

Got a pm on our FB page last week from the owner of Oinkneng's asking our blog to feature their restaurant. Not familiar of their existence even it is already operating for 9 months. One great advantage they have is they deliver around the city for as low as P200.

Oinkneng's menu is claiming they have the best lechon kawali, sisig and chicken wings in the city. Since its my sister's birthday last weekend we decided to try their delivery service for lunch. And this is what we ordered.
Looks like a FEAST isn't it?

Sisig P 95 plus P10 w/egg for 250 grams 
Since this is takeout so its in a box rather than in a sizzling hot plate nevertheless it stayed true to its claim as the most tasty and yummy SISIG in the city. What more kung nasa sizzling plate pa lalong yummy.

Lechon Kawali P100 for 250 grams
Crunchy, tasty and very yummy. They perfected the recipe of being one of the best lechon kawali. The vinegar soy sauce dip is so yummy too and makes the lechon more tastier.

Chao Fan Rice P85
Yummy but not extra sarap can still be improved in flavor. The lechon bits adds uniqueness to the dish.

Pancit Guisado Con Lechon P120
Like the fact that lechon kawali cubes was added as topping to make it unique but aside from saltiness it lacks flavor. They should have used a yummier broth in softening and cooking the noodles.

Ensalada Platter P75
Hands down to the the presentation effort kung effort. The taste especially of the eggplant is a bit sweet is so delicious plus the yummy bagoong what more can you ask for when flavors is bursting in your mouth. Definitely a must try.

Minings's Special Chicken 1/2 for P120
Was imagining something like Max although it has taste but its too salty. The chicken skin is too  dark obviously from an overdose of soy sauce marination. Didn't like the sawsawan too since maalat na nga yung manok lalong maalat pa yun sawsawan. Gravy could have been a much more better partner.

Chicken Steak with Gravy P100
Least favorite in the group. If you talk about steak either the chicken breast is grilled or in crunchy batter but this dish it didn't fall into both category. They could have used a much crunchier and crispier batter rather than breading. The gravy needs a complete recipe overhaul too. Too pale, salty yet bland and not even thick at all. 

Overall the SISIG and LECHON KAWALI is a MUST TRY. Pork lovers will surely love this two dishes big time. If magkayayaan ang barkada o tropa ng isang gabing inuman di na problema ang pulutan just call Oinkneng's for delivery.

Looking forward in try their other dishes especially the other best seller chicken wings on our next delivery order. Oink ! Oink !

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