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Sunday, December 29, 2013


Resto Name: Jeepok
Location: Patindig Araw, Imus Cavite
Type: Filipino
Average Price Per Dish: P50-P100

Got hungry after an appointment so we dropped by at this resto who's name and design was very catchy and inviting.

The photo on the menu look promising but the actual serving and taste was a huge disappointment. 

 What we ordered....

Chik-Pok  Wings – P99

The chicken wings are way too overcooked that it is already hard to munch on and you can’t find the taste of the chicken at all. Gravy is a bit on the sweeter side and the side dish vegetables is a little over a heaping tablespoon.

The rice that is included in the P99 
May kasama pang palay :P

Chicky Flakes Cavitex– P55

This dish is like eating a crunchy unidentified oily food. There is barely any taste of chicken since the flakes are fried until overcooked. And it was served in scrambled egg and lettuce slices which is an odd pairing. Even the sauce does not taste like adobo at all.

Overall the place was really nice. Love the concept and the interiors using old rears of jeepney wheels on wall to tables.

Plus there this cute jeep hanging on the wall. 

The colorful table number orders.

The restaurant design and layout concept is very well-thought but the food they are serving is a huge failure. Ambience is just secondary the primary consideration of every customer in restaurant to come back is satisfaction with the food. 

Food – 1 stars
Service – 4 stars
Ambiance – 4.5 stars
Value – 2 stars

OVERALL RATING – 2.87 stars


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