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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kogi Bulgogi

Resto Name: Kogi Bulgogi
Location: Lucky Chinatown Mall
Type: Korean
Average Price Per Dish: P100-P300

Since its holiday we took time to see the latest mall in Divisoria area which is the Lucky Chinatown Mall and go shopping as well for some early Christmas buys. We arrived almost lunchtime because of the dreadful traffic due to the fact there in an on going shooting of nobody knows what film or series so we are very starved. 

Complimentary Appetizer

This is customary of any Korean restaurant 

Sweet Dried Anchovies

Bean Sprouts


Green Beans

Potato Marbles in Sweet Soy Sauce

Cucumber Apple Salad

It was late when we realize what we ordered was RICE overload LOL

Nude Kimbap - P188

The roll was big making each piece a mouthful. Its one complete meal.

Fried Rice - P 85

The yummiest and most flavorful fried rice we ever tasted. Better than Soi Thai. If your rice taste as yummy as this one then no need for viand anymore.

Chicken Ssambap - P250

This dish was a huge disappointment. We were only served with 3 lettuce leaves although it was large but it was not enough to roll the very huge 8 scoop of rice placed in the serving platter. When we ask the manager he told us it depends on how large the leaves are L Only about 2 tablespoon of chicken was included and more than half is skin and ligaments. We separated the meat part and almost nothing was left. They didn’t even give us red Korean paste that is typically used in wrapping it if we haven’t ask for it twice.

Doenjang Jjigae - P165 

The last dish that arrived which consist of mainly of chopped tofu, cube vegetables and supposed to be clams but there are only 2 clams in the pot.

One of the clam only has shell in it and no meat at all. Super Harang!  

The service was slow considering we are the 3rd table to occupy when we arrived. The soup should have been served first but it arrived last. We almost finished the nude kimbap before the second and third arrived more than fifteen minutes later. Water was not served on our table immediately unlike on other tables and we ask for it.

We like Kaya better than this one since half of what we ordered was good and half was not. And we spend more than an entire hour inside the restaurant more than half of it was waiting for the food to be served.

Food – 3.5 stars
Service – 3.5 stars
Ambiance – 4.5 stars
Value – 3.5 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.75 stars

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