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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dynamite Cheesesticks

One of my recent favorite appetizer. Just don't eat too much okay :-D

1 block (250g) cheddar cheese or mozarella
13 pcs round lumpia wrappers
26 pcs finger chilis
oil for deep frying

Make a lengthwise slit, from almost the top of the chili to the bottom.Scrape out the seeds. Stuff the chili with cheese slices.
Slice lumpia wrapper into half. Lay the stuffed chili on the wrapper, keeping the head on the folded part. Fold the wrapper over, roll once, fold the other end inwards, then continue rolling tightly. Dab the wide end with a small amount of water then seal.

On high heat, deep fry the rolls until browned. Monitor the frying well so you can remove them before large amounts of cheese spurt out. Let drip on paper towels. Serve.

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