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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chin Chao

Chin Chow or Chin Chao I don't even know if I got the spelling right is a Caviteñean palamig drink usually serve during Lenten season. The white noodle like and brown cake like pieces is made of what I believed rice flour. Just like sago and gulaman it is serve with arnibal or sweetened sugar and shaved ice.

Only pure breed Caviteño's knows this drink ^_^


  1. AMEN to your comment "Only pure breed Caviteño's knows this drink ^_^ and I'm one of them. I really miss this drink especially during the Lent season.

  2. Hi! Both of my parents are from Cavite City and we grew up drinking this during Lent. We miss this drink... do you have information on where we can buy this? Thanks!


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