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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Resto Name: Burgoo American Bar & Restaurant
Location: Mall of Asia
Type: American
Average Price Per Dish: P300-1000

This is my third time eating at this resto. I like the ambiance plus I think they are the only resto that provides crayons for you to doodle on the paper on the table. I love the Burger Steak at Rockwell branch I tasted few years ago. The Shrimps and Ribs Platter was yummy too which I tasted on this same branch a year ago. On my third visit this is what we've tried...

Onion Rings
- P195

Deep fried onion rings served with ranch dressing. The onion rings were yummy but the dressing is a bit bland.

Burgoo Kebabs
- P325

One can have a choice of skewered pork, chicken, or both so I choose both. Then the waiter told me the corn on a cob in the photo menu that was supposed to come with it was not available so I decided for corn salsa but little did I know it was just the same as corn and carrots lol When the dish came I found out they gave me both chicken kebabs rather than chicken and pork anyways I didn't complain. The chicken kebabs are a bit dry and has this burnt taste on some parts. Worst the onion and bell pepper which was served on a separate stick was not even grilled ! - It's RAW !!! How I wish they basted it with some bbq sauce and grilled it at least 2 mins on both sides. I end up not eating it :-( Thanks to the HP bbq sauce for saving not only the kebab but the entire dish as well.

Country Style Fried Chicken
- P325

The chicken taste like a crossbreed between lechon kawali and Max fried chicken. The potato wedges are yummy and the huge serving of corn and carrots blends perfectly.

Burgoo's serving size is fit to be shared by at least 3 persons so we had more than half of the 2nd entree for takeout. Lastly, I discovered unlike typical dishes which deteriorates in quality at takeout the chicken and potato wedges taste exactly the same as when it was served upon reheating it in the oven toaster at home ^_^

Overall I love the ambiance of this resto but not all the food is great as how it is shown visually on their very beautifully designed menu.

Food – 3 stars

Service – 4 stars

Ambiance – 5 stars

Value – 3 stars

OVERALL RATING – 3.75 stars

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