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Friday, December 10, 2010

Bibingka Samala (New Packaging)

Early this year I posted an entry about one of the most popular gift delicacy found here in Cavite City - the Bibingka Samala and how disappointed I was with their sapin-sapin.

A week ago I decided to buy samala since its been a long time since we've eaten it at home and to my suprise it comes now in new packaging.

Aside from I don't think this new packaging can stand long trips since the rice cake is no longer wrapped securely, the new box looks mediocre in design. The banig background and color combination of fonts does not match plus the bibingka picture looks more like a piece of sliced meat.

How do you find this new packaging look?


  1. it's awful! I want the old packaging back! dun na nakilala ang samala cake eh dun sa packaging nila na puro plastic.

  2. Bawal na kasi plastic ngayon.

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