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Friday, November 5, 2010

Dwindling Quality of Chefoo Restaurant

Gallina Frita is one of my favorite fried chicken version at Chefoo restaurant but lately something is really wrong with the food they serve :-(

Everything either tastes bland or not yummy. The fried chicken we used to loved is now either bland or salty plus its always bloodied in the inside the past few months we bought it. The chopsuey has pieces of chicken that looks like carcasses of the leftover fried chicken (yuck!) The pansit canton is too salty and the noodles are overcooked.

But despite the one after another bad experience the past few months I still tried ordering takeout recently this time my fave camaron rebusado. It was terrible aside from the very small serving portion the shrimps are very thinly coated with very salty batter and the sauce was really bad that its not even fit for human consumption the next day even it was placed on the ref.

I miss those days when the cooks are still authentic Chinese and the food they serve are really yummy and something to brag about. Hoping the management do something about their cook and the quality of food they sell.


  1. I think the original cook there left to go abroad now; that's why the quality of food is not the same anymore.

  2. Thru the years the cooks have come and go. Yes true, today it is not as good as before even several years back but still when you say, Chefoo, it's the Cavite City's best!


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