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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Via Crusis 2010

Via Crusis is an annual cultural tradition wherein the fourteen station of the cross is re-enacted live by the Caviteños. This tradition which started in Cavite City was staged for the first time on Holy Tuesday of 1974. It was in response to the challenge of the late parish priest, Msgr. Baraquiel E. Mojica of San Roque, Cavite City to create a venue for a more meaningful celebration of the Holy Week.

This tradition is held now every Holy Wednesday from late afternoon until evening but even its held every year don't expect it to be an organized event (magulo siya at medyo nakakahilong sundan) I'm not familiar how the parish church chooses who will portray who every year but anyway here's a glimpse of the Via Crusis yesterday.

Second station of the cross at the Thirteen Martyrs Monument at PN.

Jesus and the Jews walking along Zulueta street.

Third and fourth station of the cross at Manuel Rojas Elementary School and San Roque Parish Church respectively.

My dream for this tradition is to turn it into a school event. Once every 5 years all participants will be college students of different schools in Cavite City. I'm sure that would be more interesting but of course it's just a dream ^_^

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  1. Salubong at Maragondon on Holy Week


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