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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remember this?

Old Cavite City Check Point

Tony's Bakery and old San Roque Parish Church

The San Roque Parish Church is under renovation for more than a decade now. I can't understand up to now why it has to be renovated into this tall and huge structure when all that is needed to be fixed in the old structure is the flooring and altar which badly needs elevation. Also noticed instead of finishing the altar first which is the most sacred part of the church what they are finishing and kept on renovating for so many times is the dormitory like structure at the back of the church which house the we all know who.

Cine Perla

One of the most popular movie theater in Cavite City. I remember movie stars visiting this theater to promote their films. It is also known for its architectural design but sadly this landmark was burned last 1994. What is left now is a vacant lot whose fence are occassionally hanged with promotional streamers.


  1. The Old Sangley Point picture is actually Cavite City's check point right before you enter the district of Dalahican.

  2. Edited thanks for the correction ^_^

  3. Perla Cinema was burned down in 2003, not 1994.This theater goes different names at that time.


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