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Friday, January 8, 2010

Look What I've Found

Last month while I was cleaning I found this in one of the old aparador of my lola…

Old mailing envelops by the Cavite Tourism Board.

It’s always nice to reminisce when the city is still simple and not yet progressive (as if naman nag-progress hahaha)

XIII Martires Monument was built in 1906 to honor the Cavite's revered martyrs.

I wonder where are all the children in photo now ?

Old Cavite City Hall, public market main road and the patron saint of the city Nuestra Señora de Soledad de Porta Vaga.

Fishing boats at the back of Cavite City Hall before. Now squatters are more prominent in the area.

Some of city's most historical sites

Sangley Point circa 70's. Once the site of US Naval Air Station for many years, until the US government shut the base down for reasons of economy. For ages there are rumors Sangley will be turned into something like Subic but of course those are just mere promises. I remember one of the recent college graduation I attended wherein the mayor promised in his speech there will be lots of job for the graduates in Sangley but I wonder where are those jobs and where is the progressed when from 1st class city , now we are a 4th class city talk about politics and the politicos lol

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