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Friday, March 1, 2013

Horrible Bibingkoy

The last time I tasted Bibingkoy was during my entry about it on this blog last March 2011. Since the entry generated lots of views not only on this blog but as well as in the facebook page I decided to taste again the much loved and talked about Caviteñean delicacy today. To my dismay Bibingkoy is no longer sold by piece - minimum quantity of order is now a whooping P50 ??? The kalamay looks a bit malnourished since it was almost reduced to half its size :-(

And what’s worst is the taste !?! The mongo inside is so bland that it doesn’t taste to even have a dash of sugar. It was not even mashed well and some mongo is still a bit hard. The galapong and rice mixture is no longer soft and sticky like tikoy consistency but hard and more like bubble gum. Masakit sa panga! The coconut cream sauce lacks the rich taste of coconut cream. Tinipid! A lot of sugar was added to make it too sweet to cover up the almost non existent taste of coconut cream. There is no single langka and kaong but only huge sago rather than the mini ones that is used before.     

Sadly as much as I wanted to recommend others to try our beloved Caviteñean delicacy I guess - try at your own risk :( I hope a fellow Caviteño will share its recipe so we can make this on our very own home with the original quality and taste that we used to love. 

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  1. lols no wonder your blog has no followers, this my most favorite kakanin, my mom used to buy this during the 90's, i miss it so much it brought me to your page, i even didnt know that this is a Cavitenean delicacy, all i can say is that you don't know how to make good reviews, or maybe you havent tasted yet an authentic bibingkoy...


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