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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aurora's Pancit Palabok

Aurora's Snack and Steak House is one of the popular snack house that sells pancit sa bilao for almost two decades. Pancit Palabok is one of the most well loved in its menu. We decided to order one today after ages...

Upon arrival its still in its traditional white paper with stamp red logo ink wrapped and straw-tied bilao ....

what's inside is the yummy looking orange sauced pancit but there was barely any green onions or chicharon (as seen in the picture) and no shrimps!!! Can't remember if there was pork slices before but for its price its too expensive. When we tasted it - its super bland. A shrimp broth cube or simple patis could have given the red sauce a bit of taste. Totally disappointing for a pancit we used to love before. No wonder new city snack houses like Samala Kitchen Delights and Asao has overtaken the Aurora's pancit loving customers who once loved it for years. 

P250 for a small bilao good for 4-6 persons.

Wish they will bring back the taste of original Aurora’s palabok before with the yummy chicharon toppings.

NOTE: The calamansi's were turned face-up from its original position for picture taking purpose.  


  1. sayang ang Aurora's mis manage kasi :-(

  2. I agree.... Ang tagal na namin di bumibili dito. Nuon kung kumain ako dito parang wala ng bukas kase umoorder ako ng 2 palabok,tokwat baboy ,tacos at minsan me chicken sandwich pa. Nung last na kumain kami, sinumpa namin di na kami babalik. Yung porkchop mas masarap pa pritong porkchop ko tapos yung palabok naninigas yung sauce at noodles. Hayyyyy ano ba ang nangyari sa Aurora's?????


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